Sheet-Pan Kielbasa With Cabbage and Beans Recipe (2024)

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Tasty Cabbage Fix

Very good. At 25 minutes the cabbage was perfect, but the kielbasa was a bit overcooked. I would cut the kielbasa thicker next time, say an inch thick instead of a half. Line the pan with aluminum foil to ease clean up.


By happenstance came to same thoughts on salt on the kielbasa and cabbage (just pinches) and lining with foil for cleanup. Having done this several times now with what's on-hand, the dill is really a noticeable but subtle enhancement. For me, I pull the sheet at 25 min, spoon the beans and vinaigrette on top, then turn off the oven but put the sheet back in for 5 min before removing to serve - fantastic.


This was delicious aside from the fact that it was far too salty, so much so that it overpowered the flavor of the beans and dill entirely. I would only do a few turns of the salt grinder and at most do 1 tsp. It’s a shame because the flavor of the cabbage is so sweet and delicate. I would definitely make this again but far reducing the amount of salt in the beans.


Love every Ali Slagle recipe, this one included. After reading the comments, I settled on this approach, which worked well:- Gave the cabbage a 10-minute head start before adding the kielbasa.- Cut the salt in the bean dressing to 1 tsp.- Pulled out the pan at 25 minutes, turned off the oven, spooned the beans over the cabbage and kielbasa, and let it all sit in the warm turned-off oven for five minutes.Easy and delicious!


This was absolutely delicious made as directed. It needed a little more time than 30 minutes, but not by much. The sausage snapped as you bit it, and the cabbage was cso sweet. No white beans, so I used garbanzos.

Good But Too Salty

We liked it but too salty. I thought 2 teaspoons of salt was too much so I went with only one teaspoon and it was still too much.


Was so glad I heeded the suggestions of slicing the sausage on the bias, closer to 1.5", lowering the salt, and adding the bean mix to the pan for an extra 5 mins at the end -- it was delicious and a crowd-pleaser. Went a little heavy on the sausage and two nights later, warmed up leftovers in the oven, and it was even better then. *to the editors: I do think the 2 tsps should be addressed in the recipe... it's way too much, even for salt-lovers - a generous pinch is absolutely enough...

maggie h

This is a fantastic, easy recipe. Made once as written. Delicious. At peanut gallery’s request, made again subbing fresh lemon juice for vinegar and sautéed chicken sausage for kielbasa. Even better.


We tried adding half of the oil vinegar mixture on the cabbage adding caraway seeds on the cabbage and sausage after 10 minutes. The rest of the dressings was on the beans, which we added to the roasting pan with 10 minutes remaining. This brought out more taste to the cabbage and sausage.

Michelle Schwinghammer

We used plain green cabbage and veal bratwurst, and made our white beans from dried in the InstantPot. We opted to roast much bigger pieces (simply halved the sausages) and roasted at 400, turned out perfectly! Also, we doubled the dressing (while greatly reducing the salt recommended in it). Used the amount suggested to dress the beans, it soaked in, then we had more dressing for drizzling at the table. Served with a sprinkle of shaved parma at the table. So good!

Anita Zeno

pull the sheet at 25 min, spoon the beans and vinaigrette on top, then turn off the oven but put the sheet back in for 5 min before removing to serve slicing the sausage on the bias, closer to 1.5", lowering the salt


any suggestions on a vegetarian substitute?


I did what others suggested: when the cabbage and sausage are done, turn off the oven, add the beans to the pan, and let it all warm for 5 minutes. This worked well for me.


Who knew that cabbage could be so good? I used chicken andouille and basil because that's what I had. Really good, but would use kielbasa next time. Plan to cook cabbage a lot more like this.


For vegan/vegetarian alternative, use Beyond Brat (made by Beyond Burger). 1 of 3 in our family is vegan, so I use a big 1/2 sheet and fold aluminum foil into a divider in the middle. Kielbasa on one side, vegan sausage on the other!


This recipe is an anomaly. Such bland, unimpressive ingredients that somehow morph into an amazing culinary creation, worthy of company that is EVEN BETTER the following day! Make the bean salad slightly ahead and let it macerate. Use some of the oil from that salad to help coat the cabbage. Add sausage 10 mins in.Added some thin sliced onion and apple just because. Will add Brussels sprouts next time.


Lowered the salt to less than 1/2 tsp in total and pre-roasted the cabbage for 10 mins as suggested by others. Fantastically good!


Made this with 1 lb. uncooked, unsmoked kielbasa, one head of green cabbage, and 2 pounds of brussels sprouts, halved. Divided between two oiled sheet pans, cut each kielbasa into seven or eight small pieces. scattered over vegetables along with 15 cloves of slivered garlic, salt and pepper, a little olive oil. Baked at 450° for 30 minutes, rotating pans and turning over kielbasa halfway. Added an additional can of beans and more dill to oil mixture. Return to oven for 10 minutes.


Delicious. My husband added some hot sauce to his and we both slopped up larger than life servings.


White wine vinegar, parsley, and tarragon with a mere pinch of salt in the vinaigrette. Good combination and lovely cabbage. If using veggie sausage, 10 minutes in the oven is plenty.


As one reader suggested, I added the beans to the sheet pan mix for the last five minutes. I forgot to add salt to the bean dressing, but we didn't miss it. Perfect blend of flavors and textures!


Pretty good. Per other reviewers, I added no salt at all and that was fine. Used reviewer's suggestion to pour the beans/sauce on a few minutes before removing from oven and that was a good idea too. Needs more mustard though.


I couldn't find a savoy cabbage so I used a Napa and I had to use dried dill weed. So delicious!


So easy and quick for a weeknight meal! I cut the salt a lot and didn't have fresh dill so I used dry and added fresh parsley. Delicious!


Loved this combination. I added chopped baby pickles for a crunchy topping. I will try uncured sausage, putting the cabbage in ahead of time (convection oven) and adding the beans to the mix and letting it all gel together.


I also added the beans to the sheet pan and left in the oven for 5 minutes - amazing. Next time I'll use more cabbage - it was a smallish head and we would have loved more.


Just came to say this is a forgiving recipe - my favorite kind! I cut an onion into wedges and tossed it on the sheet, used navy beans 'cause that's what we had, and added zero salt, guessing that the salt in the mustard, beans and kielbasa would be more than enough. Delicious, and leftovers are going into 'stone soup' today!


I make this regularly, with variations based upon what I have on hand. Less salt for sure, and fatty sausages are always better than dryer ones. My family enjoys it with a slice of rustic, grilled bread/toast as the first layer on the plate.I've also used homemade beans that were falling apart as a warm sauce, with the vinaigrette ingredients mixed in just before serving.

Nic E.

This was amazing, the bean salad/relish(?) definitely steals the show. I had napa cabbage and rancho gordo whipple beans in the freezer so I used those and took others suggestions about salting the beans to taste.

Mike Houston

I used purple cabbage. It didn't matter, my family hated

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Sheet-Pan Kielbasa With Cabbage and Beans Recipe (2024)
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