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The Pretty Boy Detective Club (美少年探偵団(びしょうねんたんていだん), Bishōnen Tanteidan) is the titular group of main characters of the Bishounen Series. It is an unofficial, undercover and nonprofit organization operating out of Yubiwa Private Academy, dedicated to solving various cases they encounter, although they are said to cause more trouble than they solve most of the time[1].


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The Pretty Boy Detective Club was founded by Odoru Soutouin, the older brother of the current president, Manabu, who had also been the student council president before Nagahiro, heralded as a "legendary president". He was said to make every moment of the club feel like a musical, and every case like an epic tale. It is unknown who the other members of the club were at the time of his reign, although Nagahiro was hinted to be one of them. Upon entering high school, he gave up on his escapades, believing them to be childish, and moved on to become normal. Manabu then took over the club, leading to the present state of the organization[2].

A year before Mayumi joining the club, Kodaki Kawaike requested to join the club, but was denied entry by the leader, with the other members believing it to be due to her being female. Later, Kodaki went to meet the president but accidentally caused him to fall down the stairs and get hurt, surprised due to her silent footsteps. All other members of the club believed this to be a deliberate attack on the president, not believing Manabu's claims of having simply tripped, thinking him to be defending her. Manabu explains that the real reason for Kodaki's rejection is that the Pretty Boy Detective Club is "no place for a maiden in love", with Mayumi speculating that the true target of Kodaki's affection was Manabu himself[3].


Rather than being motivated by monetary gain, the organization takes on cases purely based on aesthetic preference. They will only tackle incidents they find to be "beautiful"[4]. Most students don't know the identities of the Club's members, as any client who was helped by them claims that they were sworn to secrecy, and refuse to divulge any details[1], although Mayumi speculates that the clients simply know that nobody will believe them if they tell the truth, and so they remain silent. According to Michiru, none of the members would be able to work together, especially not the delinquent Michiru and the student council president Nagahiro, without Manabu tying the group together as the president[5].


The Pretty Boy Detective Club has four rules, based on each word in the name of the organization, which often act as a motif of the story.

  1. Be pretty ((いち)(うつく)しくあること, Ichi, Utsukushiku Aru Koto)
  2. Be a boy (()少年(しょうねん)であること, Ni, Shōnen Aru Koto)[note 1]
  3. Be a detective ((さん)探偵(たんてい)であること, San, Tantei Aru Koto)
  4. Be a team ((よん)(チーム)であること, Yon, Chīmu Aru Koto)


The office of the Pretty Boy Detective Club is the Art Room (美術室(びじゅつしつ), Bijutsush*tsu) of Yubiwa Private Academy. Since the school removed art classes from its curriculum, the art room sat unused. Thus, the Club took advantage of it and remodeled the room to serve as their headquarters. The room is immaculate, and contains many pieces of art, mostly replicas created by Sousaku Yubiwa. The most notable aspect of the room's furnishing is the presence of a bed.

The art room in the manga adaptation

The statues in the art room

The bed in the art room



Pretty Boy Detective Club (5)


Pretty Boy Detective Club (6)


Pretty Boy Detective Club (7)


Pretty Boy Detective Club (8)


Pretty Boy Detective Club (9)


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Pretty Boy Detective Club (11)

Manabu SoutouinMalePresidentManabu the Aesthete5-A (Elementary School)
Nagahiro SakiguchiMaleVice-PresidentNagahiro the Orator3-A (Middle School)
Mayumi DoujimaFemaleMemberMayumi the Seer2-B (Middle School)
Michiru f*ckuroiMaleMemberMichiru the Epicure2-A (Middle School)
Hyouta AshikagaMaleMemberHyouta the Adonis1-A (Middle School)
Sousaku YubiwaMaleMemberSousaku the Artiste1-A (Middle School)
Odoru SoutouinMaleFormer PresidentOdoru the Storyteller2-? (High School)


  1. Rather than gender, the second rule refers more to a 'boyish' or childish spirit.


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