15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (2024)

Anime is known for its innumerable beautiful characters. Many of these gorgeous characters are males whose beauty surpasses gender stereotypes. These characters (known as bishonen) are some of the most well-dressed and fanciful of all anime characters.

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Bishonen characters can be found in all genres, though they're typically in romance shows. Many of them are vain, but some do not give a second thought to their beauty. Some are quite ambitious and do their best to achieve their goals, even if they are morally ambiguous. Whether they are all-powerful or only romantically inclined, these bishonen characters are some of anime's best.

Updated by Alexandra Locke on May 31, 2023: Bishonen characters have been prevalent in anime for a long time – especially in the shojo genre. These male characters are not only beautiful but almost ethereal in their presence. They all have different goals in mind, and some are more heroic than others. Yet, they all stand out for their unparalleled beauty. As there are so many bishonen characters from which to choose, this article has been updated to include even more of fans’ favorite bishonen characters.

15 Yuuya Tenjou (I Got A Cheat Skill In Another World And Became Unrivaled In The Real World, Too)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (1)

Yuuya Tenjou has been heavy-set his whole life in I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too. Surrounded by a family full of thin people who mock him, Yuuya is used to the verbal abuse he gets from his parents and siblings. He is also not a stranger to physical abuse from bullies at school. However, when he discovers a portal to a secret realm in his grandfather’s old house, Yuuya’s outlook and appearance begin to change.

After completing several tasks in the new world, Yuuya suddenly becomes fit, thin, and conventionally gorgeous. Not only has his body changed, but his hair and eyes become sharper and more stylish. At last, Yuuya becomes just as – if not more – conventionally beautiful than those around him.

14 Tamaki Usui (Maid Sama!)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (2)

Tamaki Usui does not appear to care much about anything until he meets Misaki Ayuzawa in Maid Sama! After that, Usui becomes a gorgeous mainstay at the maid café where Ayuzawa works. He almost receives more attention from the customers than the maids due to his near-constant presence.

Usui’s appearance and aloof attitude have endeared him to many in the school, especially to the few girls who attend Seika High). Even so, Usui seems to reserve his affection for the one person who does not fall at his feet every time she sees him.

13 Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (3)

Lelouch Lamperouge may be out to destroy Britannia, but his beauty is unmatched in Code Geass. The dark prince charms both enemies and allies alike as he secretly plots to use the Geass to overthrow his dastardly father. To do this, Lelouche disguises himself as the enigmatic rebel, Zero.

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Lelouche is known to draw people in, even without his Geass. Though he is one of the most charming characters in anime, Lelouche is not one to be messed with, as his plot succeeds, and he becomes Emperor.

12 Tsukasa Kazuki (Romantic Killer)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (4)

Tsukasa Kazuki is a well-dressed, handsome young man from Romantic Killer. Though he is cold to almost every girl he meets, Kazuki’s looks are enough to still put him in most of the girls’ graces. Even when he is out in public, people take notice of how beautiful he is.

Sadly, all the attention makes Kazuki uneasy, as he had a run-in with an adult stalker in the past. Though he tries his best to hide his appearance in public, it does not always work. Luckily, AnZuko Hoshino is always on his side to help him escape wandering eyes – especially since she has vowed to never fall for him in the first place.

11 Su-Won (Yona Of The Dawn)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (5)

Su-Won begins Yona of the Dawn as a charming young prince with a winning smile. This, along with his long blonde hair, entrances Yona. Though he initially appears indifferent to Yona's affection, he is later revealed to reciprocate her feelings and gives Yona a hairpin for her birthday.

Although Su-Won is later revealed to be a traitor and a murderer, even Yona has trouble forgetting about Su-Won's easy charms. To the rest of the kingdom, however, Su-Won appears to be a strong but fair ruler whose beauty is as stunning as his kindness.

10 Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (6)

Tamaki Suoh rules Ouran Academy through his good looks. As president of the Ouran Host Club, Tamaki is known for his suave and genteel attitude as well as his beauty. Girls from all over the school flock to the club to get a moment with the school prince.

On the other hand, Haruhi Fujioka seems unfazed by Tamaki's appearance, much to his chagrin. Even so, Tamaki's status as the school heartthrob remains intact throughout Ouran High School Host Club, even if Haruhi steals some of his clients for a time.

9 Makoto Tachibana (Free!)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (7)

Makoto Tachibana is the lovable captain of the Iwatobi Swim Club in Free! Despite his taller-than-average height, Makoto is incredibly shy and gets scared easily. Yet, his cowardice does not detract from his uniquely bishonen look.

Unlike the others, Makoto has kind eyes that seem to glow green even in the darkness. He also has a gentle smile that puts others at ease. Although he does not like to show off, many of his classmates take notice when he takes center stage. Whether he is swimming backstroke or promoting the club, Makoto is always a beacon of bishonen beauty.

8 Nagahiro Sakiguchi (Pretty Boy Detective Club)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (8)

Nagahiro Sakiguchi is not only the student body president but a member of the Pretty Boy Detective Club. As the resident orator, Sakiguchi commands his classmates' attention with his words as well as his graceful looks. His long white hair and high-heeled white boots only add to his overall look.

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However, Sakiguchi's worth is not skin deep. He regularly uses his connections to help solve mysteries throughout the school. Plus, he takes his job as president very seriously and ensures that the next in line will have all the resources they need when his time is up. Sakiguchi is an all-around great bishonen character who never misses a beat.

7 Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (9)

When Nanami Monozono first sees her new familiar, Tomoe, she is captured by his ethereal elegance. However, that is quickly dashed when his sour attitude rears its ugly head. Yet, after many misunderstandings and harrowing events, Tomoe and Nanami learn how to coexist, with Nanami beginning to see Tomoe in a new light.

Kamisama Kiss has many bishonen characters, but Tomoe rises above them all. As a kitsune, his fox-like features accentuate his otherworldliness. Plus, his long white hair adds to his appearance later in the show. Though he tends to have a temper from time to time, Tomoe is a complex and compelling bishonen character.

6 Shouta Kazehaya (Kimi Ni Todoke)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (10)

Shouta Kazehaya is one of the more popular boys in school in Kimi ni Todoke. He makes friends easily and is well-liked by many of the girls. However, Kazehaya only has eyes for one girl in particular: Sawako Kuronuma.

Kazehaya is an all-around typical popular high schooler. He used to play baseball, he does not make judgments about people, and he is so beloved by the girls that they have to form an alliance so they no longer fight over him. Kazehaya's winning smile and overall kindness make him one of the nicest bishonen characters.

5 Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (11)

Yuki Sohma is known as the prince of the school in Fruits Basket. As one of the members of the enigmatic Sohma family, Yuki retains an air of mystery wrapped up in his stunning beauty. The other students are so captured by his appearance that they try to exploit his visage every chance they get, including putting him in feminine outfits that they believe would enhance his elegance.

Unfortunately, Yuki despises the attention, but that does not stop his classmates from fawning over him. He even has a fan club dedicated to him. He may have the ability to turn into a rat, but Yuki will always be the pretty prince in his classmates' hearts.

4 Hanabusa Aido (Vampire Knight)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (12)

Hanabusa Aido is a fun and flirtatious vampire from Vampire Knight. Unlike the rest of the Night Class, Aido openly greets the Day Class students and has a bubbly, happy personality. This is helped by his light blond hair and bright, pale greenish-blue eyes.

Unfortunately, Aido’s behavior does not always charm those around him. He particularly disdains Zero Kiryu and has been known to have a sinister side. Even so, Aido is arguably the most beautiful vampire that Vampire Knight has to offer, making him particularly dangerous for the students in the Day Class.

3 Izumi Miyamura (Horimiya)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (13)

Izumi Miyamura is initially seen as the gloomiest student in school. However, Kyouko Hori soon discovers it could not be farther from the truth. Though he wears glasses, has long hair, and wears his winter uniform all the time, Miyamura only does these things to hide his true tattooed and pierced appearance.

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Once Hori helps Miyamura come out of his shell, Miyamura begins revealing his beauty to the rest of the school. Several girls express their admiration for him, and even his rival-turned-friend, Toru Ishikawa, has to concede how good Miyamura looks. Along with his aptitude for health and his baking skills, Miyamura becomes a popular and beloved bishonen character in the world of Horimiya.

2 Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (14)

Although Yukito Tsukishiro has many bishonen qualities, his true form as Yue is the most beautiful character in Cardcaptor Sakura. Created by Clow Reed, Yue is the judge whose job it is to test the next Master of the Clow, Sakura Kinomoto. He initially appears aloof and strict in his judgments, but his appearance is anything but cold.

Yue has an overall ethereal look with flowing silvery hair and long, white robes. Although he wears glasses as Yukito, Yue has no eyewear – revealing bright, blue eyes. Yue also has gorgeous, white wings that he can use to fly. Yue is not an angel, but he might as well be with how beautiful he looks.

1 Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (15)

Unlike his brother, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is a cold and calculating beauty. He believes that one has to be completely unattached to be all-powerful and looks down on anyone who cares about anyone else. Though he looked up to his father, Sesshomaru comes to disdain him after his father chooses a human princess over his Inu Yokai mother.

As an Inu Yokai, Sesshomaru is an otherworldly being whose aloofness makes him nearly unattainable. He may be bitter and cynical, but there is no denying his outward appearance and his incredible power. Sesshomaru is one of the strongest fighters in Inuyasha and one of the most beautiful bishonen characters.

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15 Best Bishonen Anime Characters (2024)
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